My Updated Website

What do you think about my new website design? I would like to read your comments and suggestions to make it better and easier to navigate. Please give me your input and thoughts!

~Carie King

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  1. Youngy

    One thing that I found helped us get movteaitd was defining specific savings goals. For example, we wanted to do our big trip to Asia this year so we have been putting money away each month for it. We have also been saving for some projects around the house. I find when you define your savings, you are much more motivated to actually do it. Keeps it tangible.

  2. Dana Foulks

    The new site looks great. Of course, I did not see the old one so I assume it did not look as good. 🙂

    A couple questions: Is that Mueller State Park on the back side of Pikes Peak? And where did you take the other photos?

    As a constructive criticism though, your logo seems to clash with the rest of the site color and font wise. I know WordPress templates can treat imported art badly.

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